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Coach and consultant since 2010.

After 20 years of career in Pharmacical Industry, I headed for individual and group coaching.

My Expertise: Methodology of Emotional Management, Complex and stressfull Situations, Interpersonal Communication, Soft Skills Development, Benevolent Management and Resonant Leadership.

My works are based on NLP Coaching, Neurosciences and Comportement studies, Appreciative Inquiry, Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology, Meditative and mindfulness approach.

Co-authour of the book "Being happy at the office" 2011, Editions Fleurus

I lead conferences , workshop and coaching 



Managers and leaders :

Find your real manager posture, Develop your leadership qualities, based on your own potential. Think in terms of Vision and Mission, think wider, further, higher.

Develop your Soft Skills, all your skills and personal qualities involved in professional activities all your décisions responsabilities and actions, develop your own potential

Through Emotional Intelligence based on the knowledge of your internal processes and interactions, improve your interpersonal communication, increase your proactivity, apprehension of complex situations, resilience, and manage stress and emotional impacts in working situations.


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